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Looking around our church family on Sunday I suddenly found myself wondering how many of us could give an account of what we believe about Heaven.

And, of course, the reason I thought that was because I realised first of all that I would have a job putting together a clear explanation myself.

Cherubs - Sistine Chapel

So what followed next was the best ironing session I have had in ages listening to Mark Driscoll speaking on Kingdom – God Reigns.

This is the final session of his 13 part series on Doctrine that is part of his church membership training programme.

If you are not clear about Heaven and Hell, and if you like to use your mind while you plough through a mindless chore, listen to this podcast.

Be informed, inspired and challenged!

God . .  has also set eternity in the human heart


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'Angel Playing a Flageolet' by Edward Burne-Jones. National Museum, Liverpool

What if angels really do exist?

The bible mentions angels more than 250 times and in 34 of the 66 books. Some appear as individuals and some in groups; in human form or as heavenly beings. They proclaim good news, protect against harm, and they appear as a heavenly host praising God.

And what if angels really do exist today?

Author Hope Price gathered the stories of ‘many hundreds of obviously sane down to earth people, who described their experiences with a mixture of awe and reticence. In almost all cases, the conviction that they have encountered angels is absolute.’ The angels appear as individuals or in groups; in human form or as heavenly beings. They proclaim good news, protect from harm, and appear as a heavenly host praising God.

So, what if this is a pattern? What if angels are beings that reach out from heaven to earth.  They were active in biblical times and are active today. We recognise what they are. We can see them, touch them and hear them.

Going back to the metaphor from psalm 1, I explore the space around me and am curious to hear and see what might be there. Can I imagine what the angels, archangels and all the community of heaven might sound like?

As I reflect, I receive a gift  from a friend – the music I need. He does not know I am looking for it.

Lux Aurumque – Light and Gold. 4 minutes and 9 seconds.

But we are busy and our focus is on the here and now.  The average visit to a blog lasts 96 seconds. 4 minutes and 9 seconds is too long.

And it is the same with prayer.  We struggle against wandering thoughts and a short attention span.

What would happen if we could open our awareness to spiritual things?

Words cannot describe a spiritual experience. We have to do it.  In Lux Aurumque we can see and hear and feel richness, height, depth, challenge, surprise, joy and pain.

You can listen as a curious observer, or you can close your eyes and commit 4 minutes and 9 seconds as a curious participant. What if there are angels and archangels and a community of heaven saying


Praise and glory

and wisdom and thanks and honour

and power and strength

be to our God for ever and ever.

When you have time you can listen to Lux Aurumque by clicking here.

And you might find that you wish it lasted longer . . .

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