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Crossing the Bridge – three small words that convey a lot.

The metaphors you use give significant clues about what an experience means to you.

Looking back I have spoken about other metaphors of transition like hanging up my stethoscope or parachuting out of my job.

Being told I had cancer of the breast was like falling off a precipice. The laws of nature seemed to change; gravity disappeared and I could no longer rely on what had always been.

My handbag flew away – my purse tumbled upside down and the pages of my Filofax fluttered away in the wind. What I thought was important, even urgent, disappeared into the ether.

I was disoriented . . . falling . . . with no idea how far I would fall or what I might hit along the way – and watching my appearance change day by day.

This blog has been an important reference point. A different force of gravity that keeps me anchored. A place where I can explore what is happening and feel safe within its structure.

And the framework is you – saying ‘I am with you and I am praying for you’.

Thank you for being there. I wonder if you realise how much it has meant to me to have you alongside.

in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.


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My father used to say that God sometimes has to put people on their back to get them to look up.

When the horizon you always held in front of you is taken away you have no choice but to see things from a different perspective.

Change happens.

You can fight it, but you will not win. To go forward again YOU have to change.

This can mean changing how you think, how you view things, how you interpret things and how you do things.

This year is completely topsy-turvy for me. I feel everything has changed.

Some of my new perspective is very cerebral, and some is beautifully practical – like DE-CLUTTERING.

As I climb out of round 3 of my treatment, I am energised in a relentless quest to put away, give away and throw away. Nothing is safe.

I want to create an environment that supports me and does not tie me down. I want to make space for what is really important to me and make time for what I really want to do.

Of course lots of people have done this before me. Like this young entrepreneur who got out of the cubicle – a rigid (office) environment. He asked himself some challenging questions before his life became entangled with responsibilities.

He talks about lifestyle design:

it’s about choices, about you, about a design, about a plan, about action, about dedication, about passion and about change.

In essence it takes positive effort and no-one will do it for you.

His plan and choices will not be the same as yours, and yet you can learn a lot from his courage in being true to his values.

Choosing to change is about thinking outside the box and asking some challenging questions.

Join me if you can – take time, be curious and explore what is or is not precious to you?

Maybe lying on your back for a while will help to focus your mind . . .

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