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Can this be true?

It has taken a while but we did it this evening – we watched the movie Sex and the City.

Sex and the City

This is thanks to Lisa who spoke about the film in her blogmy life by faith – and debated whether or not christian women would or should watch the movie.

The story is about 4 women looking for Labels and Love in New York. It dramatizes the challenges facing single women who are trying to balance personal ideals with professional careers.

Having listened to women talking about their lives for many years, this film is very relevant.

In a blaze of colour and wonderful outfits the movie  tells stories of friendship, faithfulness, communication, sex, marriage, disappointment, and forgiveness.

Marriage ruins everything, says Miranda as the lives of the four friends unfold.

Thank you, Lisa – I agree with you. The more christian women (and men) talk about this together the better.

How about it?


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Good news

This might seem trivial and yet it means a lot to me.

I had my eyes tested this morning and they are fine – no change at all.

I put off having the test in case my vision was affected by my treatment – and it isn’t!

Having learned repeatedly to brace myself for bad news over the past months I am absolutely delighted to know that some part of me is better than expected.

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. . . the UK elections produced the first hung parliament since 1974?

That great moment when the leaders of the three main political parties had to negotiate who would lead the country and what shape the leadership would take.

I was with our daughter and her family for a few days. Her children’s future will be affected by the decisions made.

BC was outside the Houses of Parliament with his camera, making the most of the chance to be where the action was.

Hooray for the great British freedom!

Freedom to mingle with the great names of politics and broadcasting as the news of a hung parliament unfolded. Peter Snow is waiting to follow Paddy Ashdown at the camera.

Freedom to watch live radio broadcast

Freedom to speak your mind - the caption reads "Don't believe anyone - including me"

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Hi, how are you . .

. . . Hey, no question mark!

Of course – you are not asking me a question.

How silly of me to think you were.

Here I am getting all screwed up about how to give a truthful answer. Honesty is a high value for me.

Words like cancer . . chemotherapy . .  fear . . whizz round my mind. I delete them as quickly as they appear.

I don’t want to talk about my private life at the moment, thank you. This is too hard for me today.

I feel assaulted.

Did you notice my pale face? Do I look as bad as I feel? Why do you want to know anyway – we have never met.

I look at you – gosh you don’t look old enough to be doing this job. Your cheery expression tells me you have not looked at my face.  Your thoughts are about yourself and the fun of the moment . . . your moment.

Of course – it is about you! You are playing a game, and the outcome is nothing to do with how I am.

Something inside me is jarring.

I recognise my indignation and choose to trash it. The mismatch between us is so vast it catches me on the funny side.

“Doing just fine” I say with a wink and a smile, confident that this is honest in my frame of reference.  “How are you?”

“Great” comes the chirpy reply. ” . . . Have you got a Tesco card? . . . Do you need a bag?”

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. . . are the ones who are happy with the life they have.

Be curious about that today. Maybe you won’t be the first person to see things differently and make a change . . .

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. . . and it meant so much to me. Yesterday was not the time for words.

What is it that makes a marriage survive and thrive for over 30 years, and still savour moments of such tender intimacy?

We met at high school. At age 16 he sat behind me in the physics class giving me every opportunity to lean back on my stool and find an excuse to speak to him.  I loved his shining dark hair and sharp sense of humour. And there was something very deeply attractive about his character that spoke of integrity.  I felt valued and safe in his presence.

As a doctor, wife and mother I have been closely involved with many couples through the highs and lows of their relationships. I am always curious to understand what the relationship means to them and what makes it work or not. For those whose relationship is breaking they can usually tell me of the problems they knew existed at the start and which grew worse rather than better.  For those whose relationship has endured they often look bemused and cannot find words other than to say they are lucky, or have a good friendship.

It is not about luck. A relationship is a dynamic balance of rights and responsibilities. BC and I continue to work hard at our relationship because it is the most precious thing we have together. I lean very heavily on him at the moment, and he opens his arms ever wider to meet my needs. My breast cancer has touched every part of our life. Our prayers together are deep and meaningful.

This week I find myself reading or hearing from others about the biblical book Song of Songs. And I have time to explore some of Mark Driscoll’s teaching series on the book. The obstacle of steroid induced insomnia can be turned into a really valuable opportunity!

The series is called  The Peasant Princess. It is beautifully presented and available for us to watch on video or download as podcast.  Here is part of the introduction:

As we study the Song of Songs, our primary focus will be how the Peasant Princess became an exemplary wife; our secondary focus will be the intimate marital relationship she shares with her husband. Through her example, God has much to teach us regarding his plan for sex and marriage. While the Song of Songs is not entirely about sex, the book does contain some very important lessons on the subject. In fact, this 3,000-year-old collection of love letters is extraordinary in its timeliness. In our day, people devote an extraordinary amount of time, money, and energy in pursuit of sex, making it the most popular religion in the world.

If you are single, you will find guidance on how to choose a partner. If you are in a relationship you will find a framework to assess how you are getting on, and suggestions on what you can do to make things better.

Part 3, The Little Foxes gives useful information about the structure of a healthy relationship and the things that threaten its survival. You might find that an easy entry into the series.

There is something in this for us all.

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If I keep my food in a refrigerator, my clothes in a closet, have a bed to sleep in and a roof over my head – I am richer than 75% of my brothers and sisters.

Visit the miniature earth and watch the short presentation that gives a global perspective on how our lives compare with our brothers and sisters.

If I am tempted to feel sorry for myself . . . I have a lot to appreciate first.

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